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Low Tide (2019 | A24)

A coming-of-age thriller about gold and greed on the Jersey Shore.

Premiered in competition at Tribeca 2019. Winner Best Director / Audience Award at the Monmouth Film Festival. Artios Award nomination for Best Cast in a Micro-Budget film.  Released theatrically by A24.

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BTS photos by @EricMTownsend

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"McMullin is one of those scrappy discoveries who shows an immediate command of film grammar. Low Tide is made with such economy and skill...rigorously entertaining." 

-Jesse Hassenger  (AV Club

"A confident debut. Low Tide is filled with small decisions that work. McMullin has a subtle, clever touch." 

-Brian Tallerico  (



"Such a solid, character-driven vessel...McMullin channels the feel of Stephen King's 'Stand by Me', along with various noir-toned '80s films, in this coming-of-age thriller." 

-Peter Debruge  (Variety

"Has a decidedly early Spielberg vibe to it and could land McMullin gigs accordingly."

-Steven Zeitchik  (Washington Post)


"Displays a piercing awareness of the tensions that drive the dynamics of adolescent outsiders... McMullin’s poetic script has an uncanny grasp of the unspoken." 

-Chuck Bowen  (Slant Magazine)


"Quietly observed...packs a genuine depth." 

-Michael Rechtshaffen  (Los Angeles Times


"A sharp coming-of-age crime saga that hardens 'The Goonies' with the kind of salt-of-the-earth survivalism that bled through 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre'... A very promising debut.” 

-David Ehrlich  (Indiewire)

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